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Welcome to my Writing Journey

Welcome to my writing journey! After visiting the Berkshires last August to see the handsome and talented violinist Joshua Bell play at Tanglewood, I was inspired to write a series of murder mysteries.

We visit the Berkshires every year to attend concerts and usually stay at the Steven's House (owed by The Red Lion Inn). Last year, due to Covid staff shortages, we stayed at the Apple Tree Inn. A delightful, old-world inn, we enjoyed their delicious restaurant and sitting outside by the fire pit in the evenings. A quick walk across the street brings you directly to Tanglewood.

Having been an avid mystery book reader for most of my life, I thought I could easily write my own (as many new authors mistakenly believe). It's been a lesson in humility. After writing over 70 edited versions, I'm still not ready to publish the first book and have even hired professional developmental editors.

Trying to keep costs down, I decided to create my own book covers and build my own website. Even with a software teaching background, it has been challenging and I much prefer writing!

I'll add more later. Time to write!

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