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Starr Diethorn

Behind the Author

My parents lived a charmed life in Cuba as US citizens before the Castro revolution, Servants took care of the house and children, my mother played bridge at the country club with mafia wives (careful to lose occasionally) while my father worked, swam and played tennis. After fleeing the small island in 1960, they settled in Miami, where I was born, before jetting to Bogota Colombia so mother could continue her pampered life. My childhood began in El Chico, where each day provided a lifetime of adventurous memories. When the threat of kidnappings became too great, we returned to the US and settled in New Jersey near relatives. My escapades continued, only now they were in English.

Wanting to escape our small town, I attended Penn State and majored in Business Economics. After meeting my husband, we moved to Champaign where I earned an MBA from the University of Illinois while he earned his PhD. My career varied, as we raised two feisty daughters, and has included consulting, teaching computers and finance. I continue to work for a pharmaceutical firm.

As time spun by, I came to realize that my true passion was for books and storytelling. Driving home from our annual visit to the Berkshires three years ago, my husband suggested the book's core idea and I excitedly wrote the first novel in my Berkshire series, Death at Wildbough. The second book, Death at Kismet, is almost complete and I have begun the third book, Death at Shining Cave. There are many more stories waiting to be written. When not happily working on a book, I love to exercise, travel, garden and cook. Life is a blessing given to us and my journey has just begun.

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Mr. Chip

Meet our dog, Mr. Chip. We rescued him eight years ago from a shelter and love him dearly. He had been found wandering in Jersey City and needed surgery for a hernia and broken teeth. He is truly the best dog we have ever owned (sorry Brandy & Penne!). A Japanese Chin and Shih Tzu mix, he is kind, gentle, sweet and loving and does absolutely NOTHING wrong.

After losing one eye (due to glaucoma), he is now blind in the other eye (inoperable cataract) but gets around our house with no problem. He loves going for walks and stays on the sidewalk, using the grass edges as bumpers. We're not sure how old he is, but are hoping he will be with us for many more years.

He always sits next to me as I write, giving me love and inspiration.

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