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When tranquility masks a deadly secret... In the serene Berkshire Hills, a yoga retreat's calm is shattered by unexplained deaths, drawing Rose Hudson, a former cryptographer, into a vortex of mystery and danger. Death at Kismet weaves a suspenseful tale where Rose's search for truth unearths hidden evils, testing her intellect and courage.

In 1980, Rose's peaceful retreat turns perilous as she, alongside her partner, the town’s chief of police Richard Prince, delves into the mysterious fatalities of a local athlete and a drowning victim. Her cryptographic skills reveal a dark history within the yoga center, placing her once again in the crosshairs of peril.

In the beautiful Berkshire Hills, a former cryptographer helps the police solve a puzzling mystery while putting herself in danger.  

“Death at Wildbough is part police mystery, part steamy romance, and will be the book readers will not be able to put down this year. After the death of a famous violinist, Chief of Police Richard Prince and his new girlfriend an ex-war coder, Rose Hudson, find themselves on the trail of a possible murderer. The problem? Everyone is a suspect! With witty dialogue and fascinating characters, this book is fast-paced and contains everything anyone could ever wish for in an exciting suspense novel.”
—Kristi Elizabeth, San Francisco Book Review

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